Hand painted silk scarf inspired by Miro

First of all I need to mention one thing for this scarf – it is not for sale.

And now I will write you the interesting story behind this silk scarf.

After my visit in Barcelona and Miro’s museum, I was in love with his art and he became one of my favorite painters. He inspired me to paint this silk scarf, but putting also my elements such as the red heart and blue SWAROVSKI crystals. I loved the final result so much! It is only one piece, so nobody else can have it. And the yellow color which is so modern this summer made it stand out. I made the photo shoot at the Bulgarian Black Sea with the wonderful model Geri, thank you for that!

Few weeks after uploading my Miro inspired scarf on Etsy shop, I have received the following message in my inbox:

“Dears Sirs,

ADAGP is the French visual arts copyright collecting society. We represent the copyright interests of different Estates worldwide through the action of our 50 sisters societies based in foreign countries such ARS in US or SIAE in Italy.

It has come to our attention that you are selling a scarf whith the image of an artwork by our member MIRO Joan in the following announcement :


This reproduction must be removed forthwith.

Additionally, we require you provide us with :

1) Complete information about the supplier of this scarf and the origin of this product.
2) The number of products that were sold up to now.
3) The number of products that still in stock.

If we do not receive a response from you within 7 days, we may be forced to take further action on behalf of the Estate of MIRO Joan.

Société des auteurs dans les arts graphiques et plastiques – 11 rue Berryer – 75008 Paris”

Ok… no problem…I will remove it and it is not for sale anymore… but I wondered: how is that this big organization stumbled upon my one piece of art inspired by Miro and actually not being of a big value… (it costed around 35 USD). I have only one answer in my head and it is the competition.

Now the scarf is not for sale of course, but I will keep it with me – as a memory for this event 🙂

Here you can enjoy it too!





Scarf inspired by Miro

Scarf inspired by Miro