The story of the Bulgarian Rose

07 October 2013

The Launch of my silk scarves Collection “ROSES”

This is a story about a beautiful Rose, which origin one can find in a small old country, somewhere in Europe bordering the Black Sea. She is living peacefully with her sisters in the Rose Valley in the city called Kazanluk. For over 300 years the people inhabiting the famed Valley of Roses, situated between the Balkan and Sredna Gora mountain ranges in Central Bulgaria, have grown roses and processed them into rose oil. This special oil celebrated the world over for its superb quality and unique aroma. The Rose celebrates her biggest fest in the first days of the month June each year.

She is lucky to be famous all around the world as the Bulgarian Rose. She is the Queen of all flowers.  The Rose is well know for its best in the world rose oil, which is used by people in many famous perfumes, cosmetic products, as well as in the medicine. To get this rose oil, one needs to wake up as early as 5 am in the morning and collect thousands of its beautiful leaves for only one drop of this wonderful rose oil!

Once you meet her you will experience that the Queen Rose needs a lot of care and attention. She knows her high value, and this is why she is pretentious, full of vanity, elegant and fragile. She likes to be seen and show off in front of the people too. Just like the Silk Scarves.

I want to present you the new Silk Scarves Collection – ROSES coming from the land of the Bulgarian Rose.

The Etsy collection consists of high quality hand painted silk scarves and silk kaftans all created with a lot of LOVE and positive energy. Some of the silk scarves are decorated with SWAROVSKI crystals and they look even more attractive and unique. Most of the silk scarves are with hand rolled helms, long and time consuming process, but the final result is hand touch you cannot compare with anything else.

My inspiration for this collection came from the nature – flowers, blue sea, fall season, love, romance and passion.

Most of the colors in fashion this fall 2013 can be found in the Etsy shop section Fall 2013 – Green, Mykonos blue,  Acai, Emerald, Samba, Koi, Carafe.

BULGARIA: Country known for its wonderful nature, the Bulgarian Rose, the Bulgarian yoghurt and the hospitality of its people.

All Silk Scarves “ROSES” you can review in my Etsy shop: Cocoon

Роза Паун

Peacock Rose

Strawberries Silk Scarf

Strawberries Silk Scarf



Light Blue ROSE

Light Blue ROSE

Fall Rose

Fall Rose



sea ROSE

sea ROSE

purple gold ROSE

purple gold ROSE


Hand painted silk scarf inspired by Miro

First of all I need to mention one thing for this scarf – it is not for sale.

And now I will write you the interesting story behind this silk scarf.

After my visit in Barcelona and Miro’s museum, I was in love with his art and he became one of my favorite painters. He inspired me to paint this silk scarf, but putting also my elements such as the red heart and blue SWAROVSKI crystals. I loved the final result so much! It is only one piece, so nobody else can have it. And the yellow color which is so modern this summer made it stand out. I made the photo shoot at the Bulgarian Black Sea with the wonderful model Geri, thank you for that!

Few weeks after uploading my Miro inspired scarf on Etsy shop, I have received the following message in my inbox:

“Dears Sirs,

ADAGP is the French visual arts copyright collecting society. We represent the copyright interests of different Estates worldwide through the action of our 50 sisters societies based in foreign countries such ARS in US or SIAE in Italy.

It has come to our attention that you are selling a scarf whith the image of an artwork by our member MIRO Joan in the following announcement :…

This reproduction must be removed forthwith.

Additionally, we require you provide us with :

1) Complete information about the supplier of this scarf and the origin of this product.
2) The number of products that were sold up to now.
3) The number of products that still in stock.

If we do not receive a response from you within 7 days, we may be forced to take further action on behalf of the Estate of MIRO Joan.

Société des auteurs dans les arts graphiques et plastiques – 11 rue Berryer – 75008 Paris”

Ok… no problem…I will remove it and it is not for sale anymore… but I wondered: how is that this big organization stumbled upon my one piece of art inspired by Miro and actually not being of a big value… (it costed around 35 USD). I have only one answer in my head and it is the competition.

Now the scarf is not for sale of course, but I will keep it with me – as a memory for this event 🙂

Here you can enjoy it too!





Scarf inspired by Miro

Scarf inspired by Miro


Silk scarf summer Flowers

Summer inspired me to paint this Flower’s scarf using bright and attractive colors. The size of the scarf is 90×90 cm and I used 100 % silk pongee 5 which is HAND ROLLED. Only exclusive brands such as HERMES use this finishing technique this is why I decided it is the best I can offer to my customers. You can wear this silk scarf as an open back blouse for the summer.

The photo session was made this summer in the city center park. Lovely model Radiana posed for me. Thank you Radiana.



цветя Continue reading

Sea theme silk scarf

This sea theme scarf was inspired by the Bulgarian Black Sea and the wonderful Bulgarian nature. I painted it on 100 % Bulgarian Silk and it is of the highest quality. I used blue paint, as well as red for the lovely sea star, which is as an accent to the scarf.

This item is decorated with original Swarovski Elements to give unique and interesting look. You can wear this scarf as a head band, as well as a belt, just see the looks below! Personally, I image this scarf being worn on the walk by the sea side, with white sexy dress. This is why I have done the photo session below with the beautiful Geri on the sea side and she is wearing nice white dress 🙂 I made all the photographs and it was a pleasure to work with the model, she came few times for the photo shoot, as it was raining most of the time! But I really like the final pictures.

Check them for yourself!







Spring is coming…

Hello and welcome to my first post!

Spring inspired my to paint this unique silk scarf with pink roses motif. For this item I used 100 % Bulgarian silk and the highest quality German silk paints.

This silk scarf can be worn around the neck, as a bag accessory or as open back blouse with a nice belt around.



If you want to see more or order this item, visit my Etsy shop: