Scarf with a cause

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This is a story about a beautiful Rose, which origin one can find in a small old country, somewhere in Europe bordering the Black Sea. She is living peacefully with her sisters in the Rose valley next to the city Kazanluk. For over 300 years the people inhabiting the famed Valley of Roses, situated between the Balkan and Sredna Gora mountain ranges in Central Bulgaria, have grown roses and processed them into rose oil, celebrated the world over for its superb quality and unique aroma. The Rose celebrates her biggest fest in the first days of the month June each year. She is lucky to be famous all around the world as the Bulgarian Rose. She is the Queen of all flowers.
Here you can meet the “Power Rose” – pink ribbon Silk Scarf coming from the land of the Bulgarian Rose. This scarf is with a special cause – the fight against the Breast cancer.

Materials: 100 % silk pongee 5, 100 % LOVE and 100 % Positive Energy
HAND ROLLED with the highest quality
Size: 90×90 cm/ 35×35 inches
Available to order

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Sea theme silk scarf

This sea theme scarf was inspired by the Bulgarian Black Sea and the wonderful Bulgarian nature. I painted it on 100 % Bulgarian Silk and it is of the highest quality. I used blue paint, as well as red for the lovely sea star, which is as an accent to the scarf.

This item is decorated with original Swarovski Elements to give unique and interesting look. You can wear this scarf as a head band, as well as a belt, just see the looks below! Personally, I image this scarf being worn on the walk by the sea side, with white sexy dress. This is why I have done the photo session below with the beautiful Geri on the sea side and she is wearing nice white dress 🙂 I made all the photographs and it was a pleasure to work with the model, she came few times for the photo shoot, as it was raining most of the time! But I really like the final pictures.

Check them for yourself!